What If Books Had Soundtracks?

Storytelling and music are natural fits. From ancient Greek poetry that was more sung than spoken to the piano music that accompanied early silent films, humans have paired the languages of music and speech together for millennia. Music evokes memories, sets word to rhythm, conjures up moods.

I’ve always been a sucker for movie soundtracks, and as I’ve been thinking of character arcs and motivations for my novel, I can’t help but make associations between songs and characters. Just for fun, here is some of the music I associate with my protagonist, Kate Cochrane.

Tiffany – I Think We’re Alone Now

This song is so young and innocent and bubbly, I can almost imagine it playing as Kate and her soon-to-be-husband elope into a secret marriage.

Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Classic song for women who want the best out of life and aren’t afraid to go after it – especially if they haven’t had many chances to do so. Kate’s first blush as a woman of title and money must have opened a new world to her.

Gin Blossoms – Found Out About You

Secrets just won’t stay hidden, and what we try to conceal to protect those we love usually has a way of coming out.

P!nk ft. Nate Ruess – Just Give Me a Reason

Is there a better song that encapsulates love that’s gone wrong?

Eminem ft. Rihanna – Love the Way that You Lie

Possibly the gold standard of dysfunctional relationship anthems. Can’t stay in, can’t stay out.

Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart

The song for when you are ready to take the plunge into love. And Kate finds a second chance.

Vertical Horizon – Best I Ever Had

When the recognition of the truth comes too late to change events.

Sia – Chandelier

The lyrics on this speak for themselves.

What songs make of you think of your favorite characters?

P.S. I do love Menselssohn’s Hebrides Overture and have from the second I heard it. If the novel is ever made into a film, this much has to be a part of the soundtrack!

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